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If you are seriously trying to be a hybrid (ok healing, ok dps, but not great at anything) than this spec could work in regular warzones. I think you will have force issues since you only have a 50% chance of proccing force surge, so you are completely dependent on critting on force attacks when used to proc Lightning Effusion (and crit got destroyed for 2.0). You're missing the most significant advantages at the top of the Corruption tree including 6% bonus healing and faster ticks on your best heal (especially for PvP). Getting an automatic second Force Speed after barrier will give you the best utility for huttball and make you a viable ball carrier for a time. And, whatever it's faults, if you're going that high in Corruption, Revivification is a great ability if you know how to use it.

You also miss out on a free 2% crit at the bottom of the tree (crit will be at a premium) and don't have Dark Resilience which will be important if you are using consumption in PvP. I'm also not sure why you are taking Chain Shock as Shock is probably the least cost effective ability that a sorc has. If you are gonna run a spec like this I would prefer taking Subversion and a point in Convection as they at least synergize with the DPS abilities you should be using and help with force management.
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