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03.29.2013 , 07:30 AM | #54
In response to the last post: I leveled my first character without the GTN easily enough. The only purple items I had were a couple of random drops. I didn't get ANY implants until level 25. I didn't start acquiring artifact gear until level 50. I don't see the problem.

Also, non-modable gear took a nose dive once orange schematics came out ("The Orange Revolution,") long before the cash shop (however, I will agree that the cash shop did seem to aggravate it.) And if there are not affordable green/blue items for new players on the GTN, why don't they start putting them up themselves? That's how you make money. You look at where the market has a void and try to fill it. Man, I was excited to get some new blue mods with my planetary credits when I started playing. The items on the GTN were 90% crap back then on the server I was on. Should a new player really expect to have purple implants at level 21?

One way or the other, this is all hypothetical for me. There are still plenty of green/blue items for sale on Begeren Colony. No, there aren't green level 21 implants for 500 credits. But that is only because the schematics for them are blue. Maybe we should consider the possibility that new players are expecting more than they should be as part of the problem here.