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It has probably been said already but Legacy killed non-mod crafting. It also killed the GTN balance in the sense that a truely new player can't afford to buy the things we took for granted back in Dec 2011 and the following 4 or so months. Is it reasonable that the only implants available at lvl 21 are purples and that a pair costs +50K (this happens)? That's not what the market looked like 14 months ago.
If i totally ignored legacy and the cash shop as sources of income on a new character I'd be forced to play every side mission on every planet to keep myself somewhat geared (moddable). I would not be able to do it through GTN.
Thats what i have been trying to point out, but sadly, the players that set these prices don't want it to change, so they say i am whining.

They care more about their own profit over the games' survival.