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12.21.2011 , 07:36 AM | #1
As a tank, I want to learn who can do long term crowd control abilities and found this link very useful:

Am I reading it right, that there are [EDIT] FOUR 60 second crowd control abilities in the game? vis:

Shadow (Assassin): Mindmaze (Mind Trap)

Scoundrel (Operative): Tranquiliser (Sleeping Dart)

Commando (Merc): Concussive round (Concussive missile)

Sage (Sorcerer): Force lift (Whirlwind)

For droids, there are 60 second CC abilities from:

Sentinel (Marauder): Disable droid

Smuggler (Agent): Slice droid

I know there is a myriad of shorter term abilities, but I am thinking of the kind of abilities that a group might want to coordinate in advance of a pull.

EDITS: Originally written from a Republic point of view, sorry. Empire names now in brackets. Force lift/whirlwind added. Anti-droid CC added.