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As people say after all of your whine posts, the "real value" of an item is what someone will pay for it. You think the price of something is too high? Don't buy it then. If everyone else feels the same way, then the seller will be forced to lower the price. But most of those times those items do sell, which means you're just too cheap.

The GTN isn't a charity function. There are planetary commendations for that.

Also, why on earth would anyone ever sell an item at cost? It would be much less hassle to just sell the materials if there wasn't a profit involved.
sigh, no one ever reads a post.

The prices they are charging for crafted items are FAR over the cost of crafting the items, i am not asking them to sell them for less then what it costs to make the items, thats just stupid, i am asking them to be fair, paying between 10k right up to 25k for something that costs at the most 1200cr to make, i understand it costs quite alot to level up a crafting skill, but to craft a specific item after learning the schematic doesn't cost that much at all, certainly not 10k or even 25k.

Also, i am not whining, i am being honest, you just don't like it, since it probably means you are one of those crafters that spends little and charges insane prices.