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03.28.2013 , 06:25 PM | #10
I've got a few toons that I can be reached on, I'd love to do ranked on any of them.


IGN: Bryan

AC: Commando

Spec(s): Gunnery, with some Assault Specialist

IGN: Nonfactorz

AC: Gunslinger

Spec(s): Saboteur

IGN: Lawlypops

AC: Shadow

Spec(s): Infiltration


IGN: Punchitize

AC: Sorcerer

Spec(s): Corruption
P¨nchitize - 60 Sorc Heals (and lawlDPS)
I'Touch'Touchy (formally G°dmode) - 60 PT tank
Lawlypops - 60 Shadow DPS