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03.28.2013 , 05:54 PM | #1206
Been reading through a lot of these issues,both regarding random crashes as well as ppl being unable to log in due to errors ((unable to retrieve patch data-f.e.)) and then some...
Found a way to fix the above mentioned example by running Windows in safe mode with networking,logging and of course not being able to run the game due to the safe mode,no suprise there but when restarting Windows and having the regular start,logging in with my password etc. the patching issue is gone and i can play the game as before.
Regarding the random crashes,i think most players can agree with me on the fact that the engine itself needs a lot of work.Not throwing this out as a fault on Biowares part but certain drivers are just not optimized well enough and lead to all sorts of things,from black screens and random crashes to desktop,to ppl having random screen glitches.(have experienced all the mentioned above and have seen the same on my friends computer systems,all of them being unique in hardware setup,Windows 7 the only thing incommon.)

No proper solution here,i put my money on time solving this as well as Biowares hard work to make the game better.

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