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03.28.2013 , 03:56 PM | #34
whisper from guild pane

copy hotkey in chat window

hood toggle

match to head/pants

moddable ear/implant/relic

upgrade matrix cube (maybe give it 4 slots, with crystal)

more open information about stats (equations, base values etc.)

legacy friend request (so you can /lfriend soemone and if they accept your request you will have them as a freind on all your characters for all their characters, and you or them can remove you as a lfriend)

armor dyes

make trinket system seperate from armor system for set bonuses, so people can mix and match pvp and pve set bonuses by having 2 of these trickets and 2 of another.

legacy bank

dual faction guild bank?

deployable gtn, bank, gbank

summon system (i dont care how you deal with the flags, deal with them lol... make us reset the quest to accept the summon or soemthing.)

vanity tab for fireworks, holo dancer, music droid etc

crafting tab for mats and consumables... and companions gifts

a ticket system that stamps your ticket with your character, time, server, location, level etc. for you... tired of CS saying I didnt give enough information.

being able to switch between my pve heal set/skills/quickbars to my pve dps set/skills/quickbars and my pvp dps and heal stuff... without having to spend 3 minuites everytime i do this, and not having such and such gear on me at the moment.

NO MORE 3 person party companion bug!

be able to use your alts as a companion...



guild bus/tank!