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Mr. Hickman,
I've read about half of the comments in this thread; moreover, by the time I got to page 20 I lost interest. It would seem there are a lot of people who are not very happy with the state of the game; although, I do believe quite a few of them are being unreasonable. But, on the other hand some of them have very real concerns that I do share.

*Barber shop: I really couldn't care less about this feature; moreover, when I made my characters I took great care in deciding what they looked like & I still like the way they look. I wouldn't mind some additional colors that were not previously available at launch (purples, pinks, blues, etc), but my characters are who they are & I would not change them for anything. I also think it is fair to charge a VERY MINIMAL fee for this service....which brings me to my next concern...

*Cartel Market Overload: It really had not occurred to me till I had read this thread, but I can see why everyone is concerned. As a subscriber I SHOULD NOT be nickle & dimed for core content. The packs & bonuses are fine for the CM, but things like the Cathar & hood toggle should not be included in that scheme. I wouldn't mind paying for the Cathar if they came pre-packaged with an proper expansion (like what wow does every year), but I in no shape way or form will be handing over any more of my money for something like this. In my opinion, the Cathar should have been bundled in with RotHC. I am more than willing to pay $40.00 - $60.00 bucks for a full expansion that would have 8 or so planets (they don't all have to be new, just most..backtracking could add story quality), some new races, flash points, pvp warzones, & species.

*Quality of life: With all due respect, what are you guys talking about? I in no way shape or form want chat bubbles, that would be a mess on the fleet (I would turn them off). Likewise the Guild Flagship would also take away from our ability to find people on fleet to run OPS...unless the General chat from the fleet was also the same General chat for the guild flagship -- which would be fine. Heck, just make the Guild flagships an instance on the Fleet for all I care. I wouldn't mind seeing an update to the group finder to include all the ops [HM & SM], but aside from that the game is pretty solid in my opinion as a system. The only other things I could ask for would be mini-games or a buddy list that condenses all ALTS that belong to one person under a single username (like in wow), but that has more to do with my next subject.

*Future content: This is what really scares me...what is going on after this next patch? Granted there is a lot going on with RoTHC & the next patch, but what is coming after that? Saying that you will be focusing on QoL & not mentioning even a teaser about new content really puts me off. Granted I still have 6 more story lines to complete even though I've been around since beta, but there are people who play A LOT more than I do (I go to collage full time & work nearly full time). When will we have new War Zones? When will we have new Flash Points? When will we have individual class story quests expanded & expanded companion relationships? Frankly, it's just lazy development that individual class quests were not inserted into RoTHC. I'm not expecting any of this content any time soon, & you guys have been doing pretty good since the restructuring at Austin, but just having someone from staff drop a comment saying something like "we are working on it but can't say anything right now -- relax" would probably put a lot of us at ease.

As I've said I'm willing to pay for a proper Expansion, & I would really like to see one. A while back you guys were asking for information form us regarding said expansion in the threads below:

Future planets:

Expansion Ideas:

What is the state of these projects & why have you ignored them? This is the kinda thing that really has me miffed, & if I ever did quit the game this is the reason why. Rest assured I love SWTOR right now, but I could see a day when that would change.

Thanks for your time,
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