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I do understand your viewpoint.

Let me also say that my biggest fear is the money-grubbers doing something such as vetoing the VA budget for continued class quests because it "doesn't have a good enough return" and instead add easy money Cartel Packs.

Time will tell.
I cant disagree with anything you said here. As someone who understands the industry intimately I can say though, the developers, mods, and implementers are not the ones making those choices but are the ones we talk to here. in general we could stand to be a little nicer to them I say.

Quote: Originally Posted by Themanthatisi
the poster is so correct about Madden football... EA will not get anymore of my money once I am done with TOR, lucky for them, its Star Wars and BW was involved (KOTOR 1 and 2 creators many of us love), but do not think for one second EA, that if you do another SW game, that I would even think about buying it. The day EA ever goes out of business, I hope I am alive to see it, so I can celebrate!
That will be a hard one if you plan to play many games. EA was the second largest (monetarily) game producing company up until Activision had their fluke with WoW. Even considering the perfect storm of money that Activision got because of WoW they are still only barely holding onto that position over EA. Not to mention EA has been for years, and looks to be the highest rated publisher from metacritic for more years. When it comes down to it if you buy a game most likely one of the major publishers (Nintendo, Activision/Blizzard, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Capcom, Sony, Sega, or Konami) had a hand in it even if all they did was fork over money. And of those EA is at the top or extremely near the top of the pile.

But you are right, there was a time where games were kids things and there industry was full of firms who's goal was to make the best game. But somewhere video games because the #1 profitable form of entertainment. And you know what happens when people see dollar signs. and while we the players know what kind of crock EA gets away with its hard to do anything about it because they buy out our beloved series like TOR and make the sequel.