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First, thank you for ready check. Has already been used and useful in the groups I've run with.

Some of these are repeats of others, but y'all had a lot of good ideas

camera lock - sooooo tired of resetting my camera
account (or legacy)-wide friend/ignore lists
buff/debuff customization (being able to more easily see your own, know what's cleansable, etc.)
gtn - search by unit price
gtn - sell multiple stacks
sitting in chairs
in-game barbershop (hair, makeup, tats, etc.)
character recustomization
server transfers
mod vendors - sort by stat
ability delay/not firing
hood toggle
legacy codex (addition to individual character one)
keybindings from character to character

Edited to add: in-game guild event calendar
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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