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Im not saying it's right or that this is how it should be done. but I do understand that this is how it is done and this is not only in the video game industry. this is what entertainment business is. You next lines sums it up perfectly.

Only way to make money? No definitely not. Fastest easiest way to make money? Oh yea! And when you are dealing with the juggernaut EA sometimes that is the saving grace of a game. They make fast easy money games constantly, and people that have followed their actions for years know they are not above running a good game into the ground because it isn't generating enough revenue.

I'm happy they are at least being upfront with us and letting us know exactly what is going on. All cosmetics will be in the CM. Everything else will be in game. Awesome! We are paying for the game with our vanity. And for things that don't matter to the game.
The CM is all about growth, not profit. The stock market cares about growth, profit is secondary.

The CM likely resulted in a substantial surge in revenue, which translates to growth on the balance sheet. Whether or not TOR was or wasn't profitable before the CM or even after the CM doesn't matter a whole lot in the short term, the balance sheet will show the revenue is growing.

The growth will die off as the novelty wears off and the game ages. Then we'll be left with a game that hasn't changed substantially from the game that originally tanked.