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Actually.. They need to un-nerf it.. Stuff is very expensive now.. 20k for your second row of pack storage, 40k for another tab in your cargo hold, 40k to train for speeders. (That doesn't include cost of speeder.), ever increasing cost of training, ever increasing cost of sending your companions out to level your crew skills, Increasing cost of misc. mods and gear..

There are a lot of credit sinks in this game.. I am lvl 21 and I am nowhere near the 40k for my speeder or upgrading my cargo hold.. I have bought 1 row of pack space for 5k.. Next row is 20.. No clue what the row after that is..

So no.. They need to un-nerf it.. Either that or I need to learn to use the GTN..
Things are only so expensive because this ability has existed, previously in even more powerful forms. They need to reduce costs, slicing in no way should be a requirement.