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Quote: Originally Posted by Khevar
(emphasis added by me)

I'm stunned that you are an apologist of this practice.

I posit that it is possible to put a variety of interesting and useful things in the Cartel Market, that will generate the same revenue of the Cartel Pack RNG-loop-drop inanity. It requires intelligence, it requires creativity, it requires forethought, it requires surveying fans, it requires abilities found in good game designers.
Im not saying it's right or that this is how it should be done. but I do understand that this is how it is done and this is not only in the video game industry. this is what entertainment business is. You next lines sums it up perfectly.

Quote: Originally Posted by Khevar
On the flipside, it is cheap, easy and lazy to toss another Cartel Pack on the market with more rare loot.
Quote: Originally Posted by Khevar
I'm not lobbying for the Cartel Market to shut down or to stop making money. I'm lobbying for the corporate-suit-mentality to take a hike and have the team be forced to come up with worthwhile alternatives.

My pleas on this subject will never be heeded by EA. They're making money hand-over-fist with the cheap, easy, no-effort solution. Why should they work harder? But I'm still going to bring it up anyway.

I'm disappointed to run into someone whose standards are such that they not only defend this, but claim it's the only way the game was saved from oblivion.
Only way to make money? No definitely not. Fastest easiest way to make money? Oh yea! And when you are dealing with the juggernaut EA sometimes that is the saving grace of a game. They make fast easy money games constantly, and people that have followed their actions for years know they are not above running a good game into the ground because it isn't generating enough revenue.

I'm happy they are at least being upfront with us and letting us know exactly what is going on. All cosmetics will be in the CM. Everything else will be in game. Awesome! We are paying for the game with our vanity. And for things that don't matter to the game.