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This is complete..


Screw you EA.

Welcome to the typical gamers of this generation,

The gamers today will keep buying this crap, and the devs will keep releasing this crap.
Games today, look at Call of Duty, no matter how much the game was exactly as the previous people still spend 60$ on an expansion every year.

Lets look at the Madden Franchise. Back in the day 2k Sports was competing in the NFL game franchise made HUGE numbers over Madden. Madden was 50$ as ESPN Football was 20$. ESPN Football had better simulation and better graphics and WAY better gameplay. After two years, EA noticed this loss and decided to buy out the NFL Franchise making it impossible for any other gamers to find a Football game they like. NOW, lets look at the history of Madden ever since this update. CHEAP PIECE OF CRAP, every year... Not one damned game is good, they take out features and add them in and call them NEW. Guess what? Since this is the only NFL Football game, if you want to get your NFL fix you HAVE to purchase this game, NO MATTER WHAT? Guess what that also means? They can keep releasing this crappy quality piece of crap, and PEOPLE WILL STILL BUY IT! These 14 year old gamers will just buy anything that sits in front of them, we can't stop companies DUE TO THESE GAMERS.

No matter what we do, Bioware/EA are going to try and usher these people who spend more money and completely throw all the others in the dirt.

What ever happened to game devs where expansions were free, content was free, and things were actually added into the game? Good bye Old Gen Gamers, lets usher in the new that will spend all their moneyz on digital crappy content forcing a dev to basically focus on these new gamers and let their games become a ****** piece of crap.

What ever happened to the Old School Gamers?
Thats what made dev's actually work towards improving a game.

Now gamers comes in, spend ridiculous amounts of money on stupid content, and it pretty much forces companies to go this method, because most companies such as EA only care about the revenue.
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