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Do you honestly think they will keep investing their time and money into a game that gives out exactly what they put in? That's not how business works. The moment they stop making a percentage on top of their money, or foresee a time when they wont make anything at all is the day the servers shut down. there are some developer/producers that break this mold. (I believe NCsoft let COH stay up for years though it was just about breaking even.) But this is far from the norm.[/QUOTE]

That's correct, but you can never assume about the finances of a business. LOTRO is making content on a lot less revenue( three expansions since they went F2P). So to say that they are only able to make content because of the CM is a silly assumption. It has always been my opinion that this game was a success and it would of continued to be a success even when the subscriber numbers dropped to 500-700k. Which is still a crazy amount of revenue.

EA is the one who pushed SWTOR to come out 4 months before they should of which made them drop their entire engine they specifically made for the game, a bunch of content they were in production of(including a whole other ops) and a bunch of other things. I guarantee EA pushed the CM just because they are greedy not due to any signs of this game failing. And I wonder if a lot of the team in BW disagreed with this route and were put away for it. People back the CM for saving the game when they have no solid facts about if it truly was needed to save it in the first place. I will continue to have my opinion that everything placed in the CM takes away from the growth of the game just because it;s the easy way. Instead of actually developing of sort of content that is included (IE lore, ingame questlines etc) they just make it unlockable for money and call it a day. It makes money, but it dampens game growth which is sad. And the fact that they have all this revenue and a relatively small expansion to show for it means they aren't putting a big chunk into development.

That's all my assumptions and possibly don't hold any truth as well. But continuously blasting people over it that they are wrong and the CM is a godsend could just be as wrong as the speil everyone else puts out.