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Quote: Originally Posted by Khevar
Do you think that the Cartel Market could not support the game if it had direct sale items for everything inside the Cartel Pack?
I cannot even pretend to understand what the money marketing team and financial advisors have to deal with with the mess that is SWTOR. We know it cost a lot of money, more than any other game has ever cost, even with the low end estimates the development costs of this game put it at 50% more costly than the runner up. We also know that the game tanked hard and quickly. They were/are hurting for money and that's all I know for certain.

Quote: Originally Posted by Khevar
Are you trying to argue that the only way for the CM to make this game profitable is to bank on the "just one more ..." foolishness of people with disposable income?
No, Im saying that as you said this is a very profitable approach (of course it is) and someone in the financial advising department thinks so as well. and that money is going to the development of the game.

Quote: Originally Posted by Khevar
What if Bioware had to put things in the Cartel Market that people were willing to throw money at INSTEAD OF RNG LOOT DROPS?
It would mean less money going to EA. Would it mean enough money going to EA to keep development on the game? Perhaps. I cant say either way. But I do know without the nickle and dime CM we wouldn't be playing SWTOR today.

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Every time I see this response I always think of this picture in my head. Subscription money goes in, pays for everything development wise. CM money goes in and is pocketed.

That may very well be what they do and you have no basis to say that it doesn't nor do you have the basis to assume what you said above.
That very well may be... While I wouldn't say it is split like that but you bet your *** they are pocketing more money than they put into development. You do realize that while the developers may be making this game because they love making games and making us happy. The producers, and heads are in it to make money right? If they are not making money they will not continue to support the game. It is not unheard of for the investors (producers) to make over 5 times their investment back from the game. Big games are a business, If you want the personal companies that are just looking to make their playerbase happy you need to look to the indie market. The big corporations are looking to double triple and quadruple their investments. Meaning for ever 1 dollar of development cost they want 4 dollars back. If the subs pay for development and the CM pays for the producers to keep fronting the cash for the team to keep making the game... what is the problem?

Do you honestly think they will keep investing their time and money into a game that gives out exactly what they put in? That's not how business works. The moment they stop making a percentage on top of their money, or foresee a time when they wont make anything at all is the day the servers shut down. there are some developer/producers that break this mold. (I believe NCsoft let COH stay up for years though it was just about breaking even.) But this is far from the norm.