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You are willfully misinterpreting what people mean by "available via IG means", please stop. Due to their nature, those specific items should have been available as mission awards. Just because they can be put on the GTN it doesn't guarantee it will (Med Probes anybody?) or that they'll be reasonably priced.

Some people want to spend real world cash for their toys, other want them via achievements instead. Buying things off the GTN means I know how to grind credits which really ain't much of an achievement esp. once you hit 50.
I'm not misrepresenting anything. Most of these items were specifically designed for and financed by the cartel market. Bioware has a cartel team who's sole job it is to create unique content for people to spend money on because this is a big part of their business model at this point. You simply have to accept that as fact, MMOs in general are moving in this direction. Now, the vast majority of the items of interest to subscribers are cosmetic and vanity items. You have plenty of vehicles and armor that are only available from achieving things that you can show off. Since clearly your interest in these items is because of vanity I don't buy the excuse that you'll only appreciate them if you "earned" them. You should be thankful that other people are willing to spend money on these items to help support the game while you still have access to them because Bioware made all the CM items BOE.