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In the gear they had they can't have finished their class story even.
But they pay their money, they are owed to be carried to gear.

People shouldn't enter HMFP or Operations until they at least have 50 gear and know their abilities.

First flashpoint of any kind I did on my sentinel was HM LI, first Operation I did was HM EC, both were done before I even started my class missions on Corellia. Of course, I had completed both many times on other toons and I was full optimized Campaign/BH with a few pieces of 63 (Hilts, Armor in belt and bracers). Hit 50 almost the exact moment I set foot on Corellia and had already mailed the gear from other toons over to this alt. I was still nervous doing HM LI as a fresh 50 even in not so fresh gear. However, gear and my knowledge of the instances more than made up for my lack of experience with that particular class. Stll would not have done it, but it was a guild run....Like all my HM LI runs.

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Yep, how bout a Gunslinger trying to get through Black Hole with 13k health? in blues no doubt..(i dont know really I didn't stay around long enough to check his gear).
I did BH and Ilum on my fresh 50 trooper in level 49 and lower gear, even soloed darkness. No deaths. It isn't like any of the dailies are difficult. My HP is a little under 13K. I don't see the problem, since I was soloing it. Had I been attempting to do group content though, I would have gotten better gear first. I just don't want to gear up too much until I finish the Corellia planet story. But I do want to start saving daily comms.