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"Epics" are purple mods. Artifact-level equipment. Sorry, one of my guildies calls them epics and I picked it up from him.

I play on Prophecy of the Five, and it was back-to-back evening raids (6-8 or so server time). The first raid was with a sniper in mostly level 41 mods and the second was a Lost Island run with a sorc in no better than level 31s. Mostly my issue is not with people in endgame (or close) gear, my issue is people power levelling and then deciding they're too good to sink any money into their class and trying to jump straight into hardmodes. In the gear they had they can't have finished their class story even.

EDIT: I misunderstood your post. :P feel free to pm me a character name and we can faceroll against some endgame mobs together. Maybe we can even pug a storymode raid!