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I agree that Vengeance needs a boost in mobility in a post-2.0 environment. On live, Vengeance has enough mobility. However, with almost every other spec and class getting mobility boosts, Vengeance needs something to keep up. I've always thought that a 15% passive speed boost would fit Vengeance perfectly. I believe that the ideal solution will involve adding in a passive speed boost and adding either a ranged root/snare to one of Vengeance's attacks or effects, or adding in a mechanic to reliably reset or reduce the CD of Force Charge.

Seething Hatred is indeed a useless talent for any high end content. Vengeance's role is to be a resilient primary DPS that puts heavy pressure on important targets. This requires it to be in the middle of a main fight constantly. So, it will very rarely get out of combat, especially when using taunts like you're suppose to. I think BW's intent was to allow Vengeance some sort of improved mobility with this talent, but failed to understand how little it would be used in group fights.

Passive Speed Boost:
Like I said, I've always thought that a 15% passive speed boost would fit Vengeance perfectly. It is the only middle tree melee DPS spec that does not get a passive speed boost. Carnage, Deception, Concealment, and Advanced Prototype all get speed boosts. And they still have ranged roots or snares to compliment that. Vengeance has neither. I believe that a passive speed boost needs to happen. It would fit perfectly with Vengeance, as Vengeance relies on melee attacks more than most specs. Adding in a 15% speed boost effect to Deadly Reprisal would work out great, as it is already tied to Shien form.

Seething Hatred Rework:
What BioWare could do with Seething Hatred is tie a Force Charge and Saber throw reset to one of our procs. So, Seething Hatred would now reset Force Charge, Saber Throw, and possibly reduce CD on Enrage whenever we proc Ravage reset. Alternatively, the effect could be tied to whenever we proc free Vicious Throw.

The first option would give us Force Charge when we want to use it again, right when we have another Force Charge ready. This option would flow beautifully with the playstyle of Vengeance, and make it a seriously dangerous threat in warzones that opponents can't ignore anymore. However, given the fact that it would give us more frequent Unstoppables, it might be a bit much. Personally, I think it would be fine considering how many classes and specs have root breaks now.

The second option would give us Force Charge again in situations when we're being kited (the proc can activate off of bleeds). However, with a 20s ICD, it may not happen as much as we'd like. Still, it would help in a lot of different situations, and helps us stay on targets and do our jobs. It would also make sure we have the 10% damage boost from using Force Charge available for Vicious Throw.

Ranged Root or Snare:
Another possibility is adding in some sort of ranged root or snare to Vengeance. The best candidate would be Force Scream. It is our main mid-ranged attack. Tying a 2s root to it would help us stay on target nicely and add even more group utility. However, a root may be too strong. Instead, adding a 50% snare to the bleed effect from Force Scream might be a more balanced approach. Another option is have Sundering Throw lower Saber Throw's CD even more to either 15s or 20s and tie a 9-12s snare to it in addition to the sunder stack.

Vengeance is finally in a good place damage wise for PVP, and has a lot of good utility to bring to a team. However, every other class getting great mobility boosts while Vengeance gets none will make life difficult for Vengeance players. Only the very best Vengeance players will be able to stay on targets reliably if no changes are made. To help rectify this, BioWare needs to add a passive speed boost above everything else. There's no question about this. It needs to happen. Even with the speed boost, Vengeance should have another tool to be able to stay on target. It can be a Force Charge reset, a ranged root, a snare added to our damage rotation, or something else that hasn't been brought up yet.
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