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The way the CM is currently managed is not a sustainable business model. It's currently alienating many otherwise happy subscribers, particularly the people who don't agree that required expenditure of CC's is a good thing. The more EA pushes on that, the more people are going to drop their subs. Preferred status, while a nice step up from pure F2P, is really a very poor experience, so those people are very unlikely to stick around. Population will plummet again which will convince more people to leave.

The CM should feature new cosmetic only items but it should not be the exclusive or even near-exclusive vehicle they're introduced. Some exclusivity is acceptable, total is not. Since the release of the CM, they've effectively turned their backs on crafters and the incentive vendors (CE, et. al.). And some of the items (Gold Scalene, Revan's, Life Day) should have been obtainable via IG means.
They ARE.

I'm not sure why some people cannot comprehend this basic truth but the cash shop system that Bioware implemented absolutely allows for this to happen. 99% of the items that you get from the Cartel Market are tradeable and therefore sellable. There have been almost no items that you could buy on the CM that I wasn't able to acquire with credits. I have been able to get everything I have wanted from the CM without spending ANY real world money. Now, I have actually spent money. When the last set of packs came out I topped up the 2500 free coins I had with the 5500 CC pack and bought a hypercrate of the new packs. I got most of the stuff I wanted and sold what I didn't want and was able to the buy the items I was missing from the packs.

It's no secret that subs alone were not keeping this game on solid financial ground. The move to free to play and the addition of a cash shop was required to keep development of the game going. However instead of making items on the CM bound to you, thereby forcing people who want any item from there to pay for it if they ran out of free coins, they made all the items BOE. This allows them to make money from people who don't have the time or desire to accumulate lots of credits in game and just want to pay real cash for the items they want while still making all those items available for those don't wish to spend real money and simply use in-game means to generate the credits required to purchase them from the GTN. Are the items cheap? Sometimes no, but that is the case with everything. You think if Revan's mask was an in-game drop that it would part of a fetch quest and not a rare drop from an Op that would cost millions in trade?