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03.28.2013 , 10:26 AM | #1
RWZ Invitation to all PoT5 Peeps: So, we all know 2.0 is around the corner, and with that comes plenty of leveling and less RWZ's for a bit. I'd like to get as many teams as possible going this Friday/Saturday night (and next week/weekend) for some last Level 50 action. I'm very close to rounding out a team/guild for myself, but for those who are in Guilds who have enough, I want to encourage you guys to get in on this.

The more the merrier would be welcome by many, but we have 2 weekends/weeks left of getting these in before the new stuff. If peeps are short, or would be needing a team to hop onto, we can make this happen easily enough. In short, bust out the scripts, hacks, jacks & cokes and let's get some Rankeds going for the next 2 weeks.

I'll create a sign-up sheet below for those lacking a team/guild, and we can get some PUG teams going at least. I have a Mumble/Vent server for anyone needing one...just want to get some good PvP for the next few weeks.

Cilas: Perhaps you can help spur some interest on the Sith side of the fence, maybe send out some e-mails to Guild leaders and what not. Short notice, but essentially this can be a 2 week gig. But hoping this weekend we will be getting plenty of action.