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03.28.2013 , 10:20 AM | #1
Come one, come all, to amateur raid night! New 50, old 50, it doesn't matter as long as someone in your group is trying to put with level 35 blues! Enrage timers? What are those? Never mind that your healer can refill half your health with his small heal! DPS is overrated anyways. We're just here to carry you through!

Lost island? Not a problem. Tier 2 flashpoint just means it's a bonus group! Not like it's more difficult or anything. Technical stuff just means more running. Level 39 blue mods are perfect. Enrage timers are chump change. If your healer can't handle that, he's probably a scrub and shouldn't be running this till he comes back with 63s.

...Seriously, though. I have no problems with 2x xp weekends. I am glad not to have to grind planet quests for the fifth (or lower planets the sixth or seventh) time. But when you hit 50...get some freaking gear. At least have level 50 epics. They're cheap! Do Corellia storyline quests for cash. Or...CHECK YOUR FREAKING MAIL. You get a free set of 51 epics, which is more than enough to do any T1 HM flashpoint, with the possible exception of Kaon.

I know everyone is excited for 50, but trying to do endgame content in level 31 gear is just going to be an exercise in frustration, and end up with you getting kicked. Call me an elitist slob if you want...but all I'm asking for is some gear with "50" under the level requirement slot.