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This is actually from a post I put up on in regards to this question. It was a reply to a person asking this same thing, so don't be put off by it's wording.

"I thought about it and I think it is largely due to many of the factors already mentioned. From a lore standpoint:

1) The people and representatives of the republic have shown that they're not exactly super bright. They applauded Palpatine as he stole their freedom and liberty. If people are so quick and eager to turn over their freedom for a sense of security, then it speaks to their character. Generally, a population that is not vigilant or focused on responsibility (delegating their rights) is not inovating or pushing the boundaries of industry.

2) Constant conflict as has been mentioned prior. While conflict can produce great technological innovations if there is a clear and decisive winner, it can also lead to degredation , which is a devastating back and forth between two major alignments. If you want an example of war destroying tech, look at KotoR 1. The leveling of Taris and KotoR 2 focusing heavily on projects meant to rebuild planets that were devastated (such an importance was placed on bringing these planets back to LIVABLE conditions that it was implied that if they didn't, it would lead to a colapse of the Republic.) So, imagine, if they are having to import wild life from a planet where it is resiliant to revitalize planets, how much more damage was done to any research, industries, or planned developments? Now repeat this on a semi-regular basis, would make sense for tech to ebb and flow.

3) Tech is only as relevant as our need for it. As mentioned before, the cortosis weave. It was an aditional expense to the creation of armor and weapons. When lightsabers became less of a concern/focus due to reduction in force users, then why bother with the excess expense? Also, look at the personal cloaking technology. Could easily be explained away by an affordable counter being developed. Why produce or purchase cloaking technology when you buy a decloaking unit for cheap at the five and dime. One product eliminates the other, leading to less people bothering even purchasing or wearing a cloak generator, until they both fade due to reason 2 somewhere in the big galactic shuffle."