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mm I did post minigames didnt I?

Anyways, the QoL I would like to see:

More UI customization:
-Resizing health/resource bar on player and target frames (just like the Ops frames)
-Option to show energy/heat regen breakpoints instead of the 20% breakpoints. Easier for newer players to understand when an ability brings them a regen breakpoint lower.
-Highlighting your debuffs on the target frame (really nice for DoT classes).
-Seperate class procs (buffs that reset CD/autocrit/buff certain abilities) from the 1h buffs, auras and HoTs. Perhaps highlight abilities when they recieve such a buff. (I know WoW did it too, but it makes it much easier for the eye)
-Being able to change the colortheme of the UI from blueish to red (to give an imperial feel) or the typical starwars orange. Perhaps even more custom colors.
-Able to drag companion abilities to rearrage them on the companion bar.
-Being able to hide the Cartel Market icon or the ability to add it to the microbar.
-Allow elements (actionbars) to hide and reapear on mouseover.
-Resizing the worldmap.
-Mouseover healing. (Played a healer in WoW for 4 years. I simply cannot get used to target healing after that.)
-Ability to hotkey the PvP and Group-finder panes.

Also, for companions:
-Make the usefulness of DPS and tanking companions more in line of the healer ones.

-Sort per unit price instead of total price.
-Allow easy-linking of item names into the searchbox.
-Selling of multiple stacks of the same item at once. For example 4x1 Derelict-Purple Color Crystal for 120k each.

-Reduce lvl requirement of Worldboss weeklies to the minimal recommended lvl of the zone the first world boss is in. For example, the first weekly is available at lvl 16, at which point you already are to leave Coruscant/Dormund Kaas. Same applies to the other weeklies as well.
-Armor color dyes.
-Sniper/gunslinger cover has a green lightpulse. Make it so the color uses the Sniper-rifle or MH pistol's color crystal. Have Scattershot use the color of your colorcrystal, instead of always being green. (EDIT: Actually make sure all abilities use the color cryatal where applicable, if there are any besides the Sniper/Slinger scattershot.)

Despite the list, I still love the game! Keep it going Bioware.
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