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I also have a philosophical objection to the Cartel Packs, because it's an easy-cash-money-grab that depends on people buying RNG loot drops. Why not sell individual items in the CM direct? Because a fool and his money are quickly parted. "Just one more pack ..." makes a ton of bucks for EA.


But as I said before, this isn't likely to happen, seeing as how many players are just thrilled to throw money at EA for the privilege of a random chance of getting something they want.
If you like this game, want to see it continue and want to continue playing it you should be happy about both of these points. Because the People throwing money at EA are paying for your 2.0 patch and expansion comming out... How soon we forget that this game was in the toilet just a year ago, and hemorrhaging funds. Developers quitting, getting fired left and right, and it looked like it wouldn't last a year. SWTOR wasn't meant to go free to play, it needed to because the subs could not and still cannot sustain it. That cash shop that everyone hates so much is what is paying for the Gree event you enjoyed and all the content that came with that content patch, and the upcoming patches as well.