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As the only synthweaver in the raid group (usually), I have acquired several schematics for bop collumni-level adaptive gear that I cannot use, and cannot trade to others. It's a shame, since some of this gear would be useful in getting players ready to raid, and some pieces look cool enough that I would love to use them on an alt. With Makeb on the way, and our gbank full of crafting mats, I would love to be able to give this gear to guildmates to help them level.

Are there any plans to retroactively make the gear crafted from raid schematics BOE?
Is there anyone else out there that wants to voice an opinion for or against such a change?
The problem is that such a change would make crafting (especially at max level) the exclusive right of a small number of raiders. They would have a monopoly on the most lucrative aspects of crafting. Crafters who are iinto pvp, soloing, alts, or who just do not raid would be excluded and become the poor second class in the game. People who do not belong to a guild will not be able to craft near to the same level as those that do. The raiders and guilds would become rich and end up with an ungodly amount of credits while everyone else would be scrambling for what was left.

Aside from the re glitch, the only people who can currently sell crafted (non CM) items in the 500K to 1,000K+ range are raiders. This forsters a skewed economoy in which the majority of players cannot participate, which is not healty for the game. In a game centered on raiding and guild participation, your idea would be fine, but not so in an mmo that is built to be inclusive and support a wide range of play and social styles.

PS - A second thought hit me after posting. Both you and the person who posted below you said that you would like to be able to craft and give this gear to guildies. Would not that hurt smaller guilds with less raid progression, a modest gbank, and fewer players. If I were to join a guild, wouldn't I be looking at a mega guild so that I could get all of the free gear goodies. Besides, is there not a conflict in what you are saying with one of the key mantras of raiders. That is, they are entitled to the best gear because they "earn it" through the raiding. No one earns free gear.