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DISCLAIMER: This is a PvP focused post, however the changes suggested will in no way affect PvE output.

When 2.0 fnally hits the stands in two weeks, Veng specced Jugs will have a large issue forth coming. Chilling Scream costs 2 Rage, and with no talent to reduce its cost available to Veng specced Jugs, Chilling Scream will cost 1/6th or our resource.

Why is this such a horrible thing?
Because our two "big" abilities (Shatter and Impale) require a 4 meter range and are uni-directional, not to mention they are the key elements to our rotation. Without a reliable slow on the target, uptime is severely hampered, and a large drop in DPS is seen. This needs to change to ensure Veng's spot in PvP come 2.0

I've always said, dont complain about something if you have nothing to offer as a solution. So I have two.

The first:
Move Sundering throw to T7 and replace Seething Hatred (useless talent all around), in the T6 spot where Sundering Throw was, move Unstoppable to and untie it from Shien Form. This serves several functions, but the biggest being this: While I love Shien form, it is necessary to switch between Shien and Soresu from time to time to guard people when needed or to run the ball or even just to survive defense phase of Void Star. Tieing Unstoppable (One of our HUGE survivability options) to Shien Makes switching stances a bad idea, IMO. Moving it to T6 makes Hybrids unviable still, but alows Veng the use of Soresu.

So what do we put in Unstoppable's place?
Fueled By Hate
Rank 2/2
While in Shien form your speed is increased by 15%/30%

This will help our uptime without the use of a massive resource drain slow, and you loose the speed when switching to Soresu. It also means we can combat the massive amount of slows being thrown around in PvP, which is another current Live detriment to our up time.

My second Suggestion:
Move the abilities as stated in my first, because lets be honest, it makes sense.
Where unstoppable was insert this ability:
Gripping Force
Rank 2/2
While in Shien Form an enemy who is affected by one of your bleed effects has thier movement slowed by 25%/50%

This has the same affect as the first, however the slow can be cleansed, and ties the slow to your your bleeds. This is the route Bioware should go if they feel a 30% speed increase is a little to much, but keeps the elements of uptime that many of us seek.

I wont lie, I would prefer the first to the second, however Ill take what i can get honestly. 30% speed increase it better utility, but 50% slow is strong and keeps uptime on the target (remember that 4 meter range?).

I implore Bioware to consider these changes to put Veng back into a primary DPS catagory.
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