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03.28.2013 , 02:08 AM | #19
you don't have anything to worry about. use the group finder, and run karragas palace, and eternity vault. also before that run a hard mode flashpoint or 2. youll run into some people who are what youre worried about but if youre running those, then you are there to get gear, and to learn. most people will understand that, and work with you. plus by the time you hit 50 people are going to be so overgeared its gonna be ridiculous. even more of a joke than to run in mostly dread and campaign. so itll be a great place for you to start. also read up on explosive conflict, and terror from beyond so you know what to look for, and expect in the fights. its a whole lot of fun, and in my opinion a thousand times better than leveling. especially once you start doing hm and nightmare, and all that. my phone is all jacked up so i cant use caps for some reason.