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I would like to see Dantooine because of its involvement in KOTOR. I'm kinda surprised that they went with Tython and not Dantooine for the Jedi starter planet, honestly. Think raiding some Jedi ruins and crystal caves would be fun.

I also would like a planet like Dathomir. Dathomir was a really cool planet in SWG and Nightsisters are pretty good antagonists. The game also really needs a cool, dark, spooky planet (because what is there like that now other than Taris on the Imperial side?).

Speaking of spooky, I wouldn't mind an actual planet of Asation. The terrain in the Asation instances are really cool. The concept of another dimension breaking through at any time is pretty cool and could make for cool dynamics. Something like Malachor V might make for a cool planet like that also.

Ziost would be cool for the same reason I like Korriban, which is that the ancient Sith stuff is cool. It sucks that once you're done on Korriban (or Tython for that matter), you're pretty much gone.

And finally, Nathema. I feel like this one is going to happen at least for a raid, where you have to go and confront the Emperor in his old palace or something like that.

Onderon and Dxun are also good options. Kashyyk I don't really want. I don't care about the wookies.
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