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Our opinions of misuse differ, and this, most likely, is the core of our disagreement.

I doubt either of us is going to convince the other to change their mind, though, so I suppose we'll just have to leave it at that

PS: In the case that you do want to know my definition of CM misuse, it is simply this: Honor your promise, keep P2W out of CM and all will be good.
Fair enough.

My definition of misuse is: "Putting things in the Cartel Market that will make cash for EA at the expense of making gameplay worse"

This definition is flawed, because it relies on a highly subjective opinion. Namely, is something "making gameplay worse". The ship materials stand out to me as one facet of gameplay (crafting ship parts) that was made worse by selling ship parts on the CM.

I also have a philosophical objection to the Cartel Packs, because it's an easy-cash-money-grab that depends on people buying RNG loot drops. Why not sell individual items in the CM direct? Because a fool and his money are quickly parted. "Just one more pack ..." makes a ton of bucks for EA.

Because if this, I fear that it will be easier to add more RNG loot drops in the CM rather than doing meaningful development. Note that this is simply a fear of this happening. I have no evidence, nothing I can document. I merely assume that every Marketing Executive is a greedy money-grubbing bastard with no hope of being a useful member of society. This is based on every Marketing Executive I've ever had the displeasure to meet personally.

If the Cartel Packs were removed from the CM, it would remove temptation from the worst of the people employed to manage SWTOR.

But as I said before, this isn't likely to happen, seeing as how many players are just thrilled to throw money at EA for the privilege of a random chance of getting something they want.