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I'm sick and tired of my internet connection dying as I post, making me rewrite my entire posts...

To summarize what I attempted to say before my internet bonked me on the head, I already stated that crafting was a backup, not a significant market. Biometric Crystal Alloys are dirt cheap on the gtn, and Stabilizers will follow with the new endgame crafting mats coming in 2.0. Thus, it may be viable to craft these items if players are no longer buying them off of the Cartel Market to resell onto the GTN.

The reason I find fault in the suggestions is because I was asked to. I stated that I could find logic in nearly all of Bioware's actions and you, in short, said 'bring it on.' So I did Perhaps you do not agree with their choice of weighing the flaws as more important than the suggestions themselves, but it is a developer's choice and such final actions do not have to be justified by further logic, per se. Logic provided them with two relatively balanced options, and they chose not to change anything (which is the more resource-conservative choice).

In short, I do not believe Bioware ever intended for Grade 7 ship gear to be a significant crafting platform. After all, if it was... why would there only be two craftable pieces, hmm?

PS: I'm tired and probably missed some essential piece of information that was in my original post attempt which made this all make sense. If so, feel free to tell me so, because I probably did.
Fair enough, you were responding to a challenge to find logic in those events.

I suppose my objection isn't that the decision is illogical, it is that the logic is such that it benefits the short-term bottom line, at the expense of the players. Such logic is usually associated with "marketing executives" not "game developers"

As a software developer myself, it hasn't been uncommon to see a product get corrupted by an executive making short-sighted decisions. In one notable case the failure was so spectacular, it resulted in the business having to lay off 50% of the employees (with the executive in question getting "fired" with a million dollar severance package). I'm sure he was crying all the way to the bank.

When I listen to the crowdfunding pitch from Chris Roberts and Brian Fargo (game developers I personally respect), they make specific mention of what happens when short-sighted publishers get in the way of game development and how happy they are to obtain funding without such strings attached.

EA doesn't have a sterling reputation. I find it hard to believe that similar events wouldn't happen in that company Every. Single. Week.

It's not that adding the spaceship parts aren't logical. It's just that it is logic is founded in greed. When you so casually tossed off this statement:
Quote: Originally Posted by idnewton View Post

My general experience with Bioware has been that there is some kind of logic behind what they do, even if most cannot see it.

It seems quite blind to me.

I believe that there are ways the Cartel Market can be used that are good. I also believe there are ways the Cartel Market can be used that are short-sighted and greedy. I also believe that the Cartel Market is making money for EA hand-over-fist, and absolutely nothing I say will make the slightest bit of difference to them.

And yet, I still wish to argue against the Cartel Market being misused.