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I actually did read your post. All the way to the tippy tippy mostest end, even!

Okay, since you consider that your original response addresses all of my points (which is doesn't in my estimation), let me narrow down to one specific part.

Let's pretend this is true. Let's pretend that Bioware wasn't trying to give crafters a new market. Let's just say that their intention was to "acknowledge the crafters"

Now let's go back to one of the points I made:

How is this an acknowledgement of crafters? "We know you like to craft stuff, so here's something you can craft that requires a lot of grinding to learn how to do, a lot of expensive materials, oh, and we're going to let players with lots of disposable income undercut you"

I see that you're willing to concede "I do believe Bioware miscalcuated the value these items would settle at on the GTN" and yet you find fault with every suggestion to balance the situation, and consider that everything ended up fair, just and logical.

That an entire set of crafting added to the game was rendered completely obsolete through the Cartel Market.

This is not an idea borne of a developer that loves the game and crafting and wants it to be made fun and interesting and useful. This is an idea borne of a someone trying to make a profit at the EXPENSE of gameplay.
I'm sick and tired of my internet connection dying as I post, making me rewrite my entire posts...

To summarize what I attempted to say before my internet bonked me on the head, I already stated that crafting was a backup, not a significant market. Biometric Crystal Alloys are dirt cheap on the gtn, and Stabilizers will follow with the new endgame crafting mats coming in 2.0. Thus, it may be viable to craft these items if players are no longer buying them off of the Cartel Market to resell onto the GTN.

The reason I find fault in the suggestions is because I was asked to. I stated that I could find logic in nearly all of Bioware's actions and you, in short, said 'bring it on.' So I did Perhaps you do not agree with their choice of weighing the flaws as more important than the suggestions themselves, but it is a developer's choice and such final actions do not have to be justified by further logic, per se. Logic provided them with two relatively balanced options, and they chose not to change anything (which is the more resource-conservative choice).

In short, I do not believe Bioware ever intended for Grade 7 ship gear to be a significant crafting platform. After all, if it was... why would there only be two craftable pieces, hmm?

PS: I'm tired and probably missed some essential piece of information that was in my original post attempt which made this all make sense. If so, feel free to tell me so, because I probably did.
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