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And youre missing the essence here that regardless of whether or not I can buy it on the GTN, someone still has to buy it on the CM and THAT is an issue
Yes, just like someone has to craft something that you can't craft before you buy it from the GTN, and someone has to loot something you haven't looted before you can buy it from the GTN. The point is, you'll be able to buy it with credits. I don't know why the original source of the item you're purchasing matters to you as a purchaser. I get 700 coins per month for the same sub fee I've always been paying. I can get the appearance token and sell it to you. Neither of us have paid real money for it. Or, I can buy the unlock with real money because I've spent my free coins on something else, Bioware gets extra cash to help develop new content and you can STILL buy the item with credits, all the while being able to grin with smug satisfaction that you stuck it to the man by not spending any real money on the appearance change.