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Being Sith isn't about being evil, though. The Sith lifestyle is to be passionate and feed into your emotions to bring out strength. It's just that the dark side of the force easily corrupts and plays off of violent emotions, and frankly I find emotion usually comes bundled with selfishness. That said, it's possible to take a talent like healing and see how a Sith could manipulate it. I can take great pleasure in the idea of manipulating life to my bidding; keeping soldiers alive well past their expiration date just to be my puppet.

When you look at characters like Darth Vader and Darth Maul, they're clearly not healers. But, at the same time, a strong will in the force is what kept them alive after being burned alive or cut in half respectively. Even as they become more machine than man they remain formidable opponents, all thanks to their self-heals buffs.