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Let me preface this by saying that I never really cared much for this feature, simply because I feel there are other much more important aspects of the game that are in desperate need of attention, but it was a fairly simply thing to implement and it seemed to make a lot of people happy so fine.

It almost seemed as though it would be impossible for BW to get this wrong, especially with their background of implementing similar features in their other games, but lo and behold, yet another gaff!

When I first read on Dulfy, as I am sure many others did, what basically amounted to: the Empire gets the gay NPCs while the Republic has dibs on the lesbian ones, I had a face-palm moment. I mean the whole idea is so ridiculous it would be impossible to read it and not have a knee-jerk reaction. That being said, it is fairly obvious what the line of thinking behind this was i.e. if you want to experience both types of SGR you have to play both sides (pun intended, couldnít resist) . Again obvious, but wow what an awkward way to go about itÖ

The sheer hilarity of this aside, in of itself it really isnít that big of a deal. Unfortunately, it is emblematic of a much larger problem that has plagued this game since launch. That problem is that similar blunders, and many on a much more colossal scale, have occurred in just about every other aspect of the game with, perhaps, the individual class storylines as the sole exception. That, however, is little comfort as it becomes more and more evident that those storylines were a one-hit-wonder, likely never to be seen again. It is almost as though little or no thought at all is being put into making decisions about this game.

Now I fully understand that the people financing this industry are so afraid of losing a single dime that they have put the squeeze on developers, and the whole thing sickens me, truly, but that is no excuse of continuously making these idiotic decisions. Whatís worse this rampant poor decision making is leeching the lifeblood of the game: the players. How can you expect them to have faith in your product when you yourselves donít have enough of it to stand up for the right decisions?

Lastly let me say that I am writing this as a critique only in part, mostly I just want to finally see some sanity from the developers and have them finally tap into the full potential this game still has in spite of all the mud it has been dragged through.
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