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03.27.2013 , 12:27 PM | #27
Personally I find "Defeat # Schmucks and # Tough-schmucks" bonus quests boring, annoying and often out of character. I actually like the idea of avoiding as many unnecessary fights as possible, focusing in on just those mobs/champs/bosses you need to take out in order to accomplishing the overall mission. (Recently stole all the Imperial relay data without aggro'ing a single mob on Voss with my Commando (delighted) only to find the mission turn-in conversation still assumed death and mayhem on my part (sigh).

That said, for those alts I'm leveling, I generally want to capture every drop of mission EXP (not necessarily kill exp)that I can get, so I try to wax every bad guy I find to complete the bonus quest ASAP and THEN try to avoid any further unnecesary mobs. One guy showed me a ledge you can use onthe Tyrant 4+ heroic on Belsavis that'll allow you to skip all but the first mob and the boss fights. As there was no "Kill #" bonus mission for that one, we gleefully snuck past all the trash. Nice!