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This thread has become really good in the sense that I find it fascinating to see other people's approach to the gtn and read what they are crafting and putting up for sale. Based on lamef's post above, I crafted and listed a number of blue barrels yesterday and it will be interesting to see if they sell.

I find your approach interesting because I can't remember the last time I tried to sell a purple gear piece and would think that with the adaptive and social moddable gear available (toss in the orange as well) that purple gear would not sell at all. Although far from my main focus, I do sell implants from time to time (keep your offerings diversified), but only the blues. I tend to stay away from the purples in anything for sale purposes because the mats are a choke point and the pricing differential between blues and purples is very large considering the stat differences (especially at the lower to mid levels) and the purps are not really needed. It is not clear to me who would be buying the 20 to 30 level purple gear.

Good on you, 2 to 3M a week in the under 27 market is an accompllishment and not chump change at all,
Well, i personally prefer the non-mod based gear because most of the time they tend to be more realistically priced, considering even if i paid 2k per piece of gear, i would still need to buy armorings, mods and enhancements and they tend to go for between 8k, right up to 25k each and that is just too much and this is like level 11 to level 15.

The mods department tends to be severely overpriced, though i tend to avoid buying purple crafted gear since you tend to change the gear very commonly, but it also depends on how much you charge for the gear, cause paying 30k for a piece of gear in the teen levels is just too much, unless it has uber stats that won't be replaced for 10+ levels.