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I wanted to give an update on some things and answer some questions we have seen in the thread. First, one of the things we have seen multiple people suggest is that if we are going to merge the APAC servers into the NA West servers that we should give you the option to choose which NA West server you transfer to. Knowing that some APAC players have existing characters and Legacies on some NA West servers already, we agree. When we open free transfers we will allow you one time transfer from your current APAC server to any one of the NA West servers. Note: The actual server merges themselves will still happen based on server type, so once we open transfers make sure you move all of your characters to the server you want before the merge happens.

We have also seen some concerns that we “haven’t considered what NA West’s populations are at offpeak times.” Actually, this is part of the reason we are making the decision to move APAC into NA West. Currently the equivalent NA West servers are seeing higher populations at offpeak times than their APAC counterparts. Meaning that even during offpeak NA times, the APAC players should see an increase in population after the transfers/merges.


thats good to hear but can you open the one time transfers to EU as well, as myself and a few matees from japan are playing on it there.