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i never care about the xp penalty. i always ask people if they want a full run and if they want the bonus. same thing if in a HM i see someone undergeared: he has the right to see any drop the instance can provide. just talk..if you are short in time you shouldn't start a fp..
My opinion exactly. It is about communication and accepting majority rule. If you want to kill everything and the other three want to skip (or vice versa), you have a choice to either accept their choice and move on or leave the group.

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Narrowing the level range eligible for the flashpoint would cause a new problem--only being eligible for 1-2 flashpoints at a time. People already complain about how often they get Flashpoint X. How ugly do you think it would get if the ONLY options were X and Y? There are not enough "leveling" flashpoints for this way to work.
This is happening already. As you level you never have access to more than three flashpoints through the group finder, and sometimes it is only one (starts off with BT/Essless only, then you get access to Athis, then BT/Ess drops off and you get Hammer station, then you get MR added, but then Athis and HS fall off quickly and Cademimu gets added, etc etc).