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03.27.2013 , 08:54 AM | #265

This thread is terrible. Both the people arguing against for mostly focusing on how they want to quit because the other side is a premade, or too good, or whatever and the people arguing for... well, I understand where you're coming from, but please understand the people you're arguing with *do not* represent a large portion of quitters. At all. I actually agree with a lot of you that you learn nothing from quitting just because the going gets tough. But not to the point of taking it out on people who are just doing what they have to do to be a good father or mother or husband or wife or brother or sister or whatever.

There are many people who enjoy PvP over PvE precisely because it doesn't require a 4 hour commitment like ops and it's easy to drop quickly if something comes up in real life. Not everyone is a live-alone bachelor with no responsibilities to family nor friends nor a boss who expects them to be on-call even during non-business hours.

Fathers blowing off steam after work, mothers (whether they be working mothers or housewives), other family people make up a huge portion of Bioware's income. People who work to support their families, and have the income to buy entertainment and the stress level to need it.

But family's need attention, and things pop up out of the blue. (Same thing if you're a fireman or have to be on-call even when off work for other reasons.) Family (or other real life stuff) is more important than some silly online game. A debuff might not be a totally bad idea, but it should never be so much that a family person feels like the fact that they actually have a life outside the internet means that they can't PvP. One or two minutes. Five minutes tops. And maybe with an exception for re-joining the match you just left (in case you disconnected... this happened to me once. Backfilled into my own slot. Thought I didn't get any medals, but apparently the chart remembered the ones I earned pre-disconnect even though they didn't show up on my character buffs.) 1-2 minutes at least is probably time family people will be spending dealing with whatever real life issue popped up anyway, and thus only a nuisance to the people who wanted to quit just because they didn't like that match but wanted to immediately re-queue for another. Even then, there really shouldn't be any penalties if you quit within the first minute or two of the match when there's still plenty of time for backfillers to make a difference. And even then, only a nuisance enough to make them reconsider quitting within the last 30 seconds of the match, when a backfiller will have 0 chance of getting so much as a kill-blow medal, and not so much that they feel the need to go semi-AFK in a fight they aren't interested in just to avoid the debuff.