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If only more people rambled like you on these forums . Honestly, I really like both the style and substance of your writing - informative, well-argumented and fluid, which only helps me agree to your points .

I'll be going into spoiler territory a bit here, but Darth Marr says pretty much what you said at the beginning of the Hutt Cartel . The Empire is crumbling, it's being eroded on the inside, with outside pressure only enlarging the cracks. He even recognizes that the Empire's salvation can only be achieved through an 'unforeseen or miraculous' intervention (Which means that the writers probably don't have a firm grasp of what that something can possibly be. They should your posts, for a start. ).

Obviously, any reform of the Sith Empire would have to come internally, rather than be a product of external factors, because, again, as you said, there is no friction between the different social aspects of the Sith Empire. Rather, the friction is expected and, indeed, encouraged within ONLY ONE aspect, the Sith, to the point of genocidal frivolity, while the rest are expected to blindly follow whoever comes out on top . And for some reason, to a man, that is exactly what everybody in the Empire does. The power sharing structure within the Empire is less reminiscent of any single modern of even proto-nation state, but of a feudal fiefdom which, for some reason, has managed to seriously threaten a functioning pluralistic and integrated super power, i.e., the Republic. Granted, the Republic is shown as being rife with corruption, usury, crime and decadance, but at least these are qualities taken in one form or another from actual societies!

The developers try to give reasons as to why the Empire remained a cohesive force, For example, the constantly rephrased 'fear of the other', which can be effective in maintaing cohesive public opinnion (insert War against Terror' reference here). Then there is the belief in the God-like presence of the Emperor, which matches the many cases of deifying power figures in earth's own history. But without those two elements, the Sith Empire has no mechanism of ensuring cohesion. You mentioned Alexandar the Great, and yes, I can imagine a far, far worse scenario than the Sith just dividing the Empire as with the Partition of triparadisus. Each Sith would probably just claim a patch of land and start sending waves of saps to die against his nastiest and most cartoonish rival.

In the end, as the Sith Empire is little more than a dramatic construct made so that the game could have an unambiguously EEEEEEEVIL faction, then the hope for the Empire isn't in any one real politik example you've been giving, but rather in the writer's decission to suddenly make this completely unreasonable society open to reasonable change. Which brings me back to my three points .

So, goooooo Darth Marr, be the change. Yes, we can !

P.S. Thanks for all the new things, especially for the Eighth Route Army and Napoleon in Spain ))!