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03.27.2013 , 06:50 AM | #4173
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If you're so aware of that then what reason do you have for continuing to harass/basically laugh in the faces of the people who are venting their anger over the way they've been treated? Other than being a sad troll or an EA fanboi who wants to bury his face in some executives crotch for a pat on the head.

Venting their anger, sure thats fine. Demanding reversal of executive decisions , ordering people all over forums and in game to sign a petition, Spewing hate on those that think a petition isnt going to amount to much or think the merge to us is a good thing.
Lol eaware are the biggest scumbags in gaming but the australian server was obv not financially the best option to keep going.

Having an opinion is fine, pissing on people when they're kicked and down is another matter.
I dont believe i have done anything but voice my opinion sir. You on the otherhand have insinuated violence toward me, called another person deficient because they have a differing opinion. i think you are the one that needs to stop feeding people abuse.