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used Google translate and it came out as:


01. In-game Guild Mail
# Allow more opportunities for communication to members. It should be a choice in the line after only Officer and Guild Rank, marked as Collecting Mail and Sending.
# B. Also make it possible to email multiple players, regardless of their rank. (Tatile - presumably that of the sender and receiver)

02. And Disposals
# A A protocol ANY guild member can see, when someone new is added or disposed (T = assume this means kicked). The protocol should be visible to the player who invited or dismissed, and the reasons to do so. A timestamp should be integrated. The protocol should be in the game settings adjustable so that each player can decide whether he gets it automatically displayed after each login. This could mark the player as a "tag" added that they have read the message, and the next time they will disappear - so leave only new protocol information. Only the guild master can empty the log.
# B. Players which are added in or left the guild, should have a comment field in this protocol in which to leave a short note (eg why. Geleavt are)

03. Warnings
# A The rod should have a way to write to members of warnings that reach as a message or in-game mail stakeholders. This warning should reach all staff members in the same form. (T= the GM or other Officers have a system separate of the in-game mail system which they can use to issue warnings to a member and alert other staff to the existence of that warning. I think.)
# B. A counter with max. 3 warnings per player should be visible to the staff. Only the guild master can clear the warning.

04th Guild tab on the server
# There should be a one server for all players an overview of the guilds there are. This should include the guild masters have the ability to decide whether it will be listed there, the guild. This could be displayed when Guild NPC on the fleet in the form of a table.
# B. One option if guild recruited YES / NO
# C. Setting the guild master and the officers named
# D focus of the guild: PVP, PVE, both
E # A link to the Guild Page, naming the forum.

05th Member administration
My tip: In order to provide a clearer overview Twniks which belong to whom, I have used them in BeeB following system: (Maybe this helps you bissl)
Guild members in the administration in the note field we introduce a number system by the looks. It is the green field of the note entry.
Yodel - BeeB No. 01.1 (Alex)
Frum - BeeB No. 01.2
Bromine - BeeB No. 01.3
Grom - BeeB No. 02.1 (Felix)
Drom - BeeB No. 02.2, etc.

(T=I am not entirely sure what the above refers to... perhaps numbering Officers outside of the Officer notes? A couple of the key words didn't translate well.)

# A It would be helpful if each player could, in the Guild notes, set following option by ticks, to their characters: PVP and PVE (T= also a separate function to the standard note system.)
# B. Needed more characters in the already existing note fields

06th Officer marks
# A A for all players (not just Guildies) icon at Char Concerned that he is an officer with Inviterechten (T= I assume that means invite privileges). Guild Master, for example, provides in the management ranks 1, 2, or 3 stars at Concerned player.
This feature / icon could be displayed in the guild's name below the player's name. Guild seeking players would find it easier to address the right people.
I tried to tidy the language up a bit so that English-only speakers could understand it a bit better, and put my own notes in purple. I hope that's ok - it seems a very well thought out proposal and I wouldn't want people to dismiss it out of hand because the translation wasn't super-duper fantastic. I did try to leave as much of the original sentence structure as I could, where it made sense in the fantastically flexible English grammar.