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Strangely, I've vowed never to run Hammer Station again with pugs, which is ridiculous because it isn't hard. However, the very simple mechanics of the final boss seem too much for the average levelling player and I've lost count of the amount of times I've wiped there because of sub-standard healing or dps who stand in aoe and ignore the adds.
I don't think I've ever gotten through Hammer Station without wiping at least once on the final boss, either due to stupidity or just bad luck. I remember one time when I was running it as a Sorc healer, and he kept tossing those landmines or whatever they are right under my feet so I had to keep moving around, which really impeded my healing.

I actually have really bad luck with FP bosses while playing my Sorc. That Athiss run I mentioned was so annoying not just because of bad teammates, but also because the Beast was just a tedious fight. It seems to have a habit of knocking people back far enough to send them out of range, so I had to run around a lot to be able to heal everyone. Couple that with the adds that all three players were ignoring to focus on the Beast, and it made for a long, tedious, and annoying fight.
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