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This claim that green 55s are going to be better than BH/Campaign is silly. Now, I can't definitively check this until 2.0 drops (Makeb was a closed beta), but let's take a look at facts:

Green -> Blue -> Purple ratings go up 10 points.
Green level 49 (106 rating)
Blue level 49 (116 rating)
Purple level 49 (126 rating)

Black Hole gear is 146 rating
Dread Guard gear is 150
Level 55 purple gear is 156

This would put green 55s at 136 rating, which is worse than Black Hole/Campaign.

So until 2.0 drops live, and you actually get a level 55 green drop, why do players like you and WaldoA gossip about "level 55 greens are better than BH" on the forums?
I have checked, the level 53 greens (green 28 schematics were available from crafting trainers) are 138 rating so they are in between columi and rakata.

As for green unmoddable trash gear, I'm pretty sure the 55 stuff that I saw dropped from the dread seeded mobs were a similar rating to the green mods.
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