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03.27.2013 , 04:47 AM | #1
We really need a detailed post from the developers showing exactly what will happen to all of our commendations in 2.0, along with any other changes such as weekly / total / conversion caps on commendations.

I am sure a lot of people did not participate on the PTS (where some information was shared), but even those who did understand that most of the statements were along the line of 'this is our current plan' with lots of feedback from players, but nothing definitive from the developers as to what would make it live.

And for those who haven't kept up with the PTS, the last plan we saw had all of our Daily, Tionese, Columni, and Black Hole comms converted to Classic comms - typically at a very punitive ratio devaluing any commendations earned pre 2.0 significantly.

For example, on live a DG relic cost 300 Daily comms. On PTS, a DG relic cost 150 Classic comms, but all current daily comms were converted at a 4:1 ratio, effectively making the price 600 Daily comms (or double).

Another example, on live a BH chest piece cost 60 BH comms. On PTS, a Campaign (has set bonus) chest piece costs 150 Classic comms, with BH comms converted at a 1:1 ratio, more than doubling the price. Even buying the BH chest AND the Campaign armoring on live would only cost 104 BH comms on live versus 150 post 2.0.

Not to mention that all commendations converted to Classic comms are going to be capped at 800, with anything in excess simply lost (no compensation) when 2.0 goes live, and that going forward, Classic commendation will be capped at a max of 400 with a weekly earning cap of 200.

Lastly, all the individual planet commendations are converting to a new Planetary comm, at a conversion cap of 100 and a max allowed going forward of 50. Again, any comms above the conversion cap will simply disappear - no compensation.

Failure to communicate changes of this magnitude clearly, and well in advance, will only serve to disappoint and anger many players.