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So, my main is a DPS Balance Sage. I use the capstone skill - Sever Force - as my bread and butter for killing melee classes. On a Sage, this ability can be used omni-directionally, so you can run and root without facing your target.

I have recently levelled a Sorc to 50, and was surprised to find that this is not the case for the Sorc equivalent - Creeping Terror - for which you must face your target to apply the effect.

Now, I have no idea which of these reflects the intentional skill function, but I would certainly hope it is the Sage version. Creeping Terror's uni-directional usage makes kiting players in PvP 100% more difficult, to the extent that it's actually enough to make me rethink speccing this skill altogether. When pounced upon my a Concealment Operative for instance, I run and root... on a Sorc dps, the few seconds you spend turning to root your target can make a world of difference, when distance is key to your survival.

I find it odd that nobody has noticed this till now, unless it's in a thread somewhere which I haven't seen...
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