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I have kicked exactly 1 person from an SM FP - which was a full DPS geared Jugg. It was either him or the healer who was leaving and to be fair, she was really trying to keep him up, as was I (DPS merc with support cylinder). Really only kicked him because he was nasty when we called him out on it and asked if he had any tank gear.
Hmm, probably DPS specced too then...I am DPS gearing my Guardian, and going into leveling FPs with pretty much the same gear except for swapping my focus for a shield and have never had an issue (level 47 atm), but I make sure to tank spec - the armor alone provides significant mitigation, and even just with the talents and no extra rating you get significant amounts of defense, with some basic shield and absorb, plus the accuracy debuff, and the force scream/blade storm absorb proc takes care of the rest.
Basically, take a look at his defense and if it's less than 12 you can assume he's not tank specced (from level ~25 or so, if it's not a vanguard/powertech who just get boosts to their armor and shield).